Upgrading BIOS on an old HP nx9005 without Dos or Windows

Posted on 08.07.2006 by Kim N. Lesmer.
The other day I had to upgrade a BIOS on a HP nx9005 laptop. The BIOS utility was created to run on DOS or Windows only, but in this small tutorial I'll show you how you can do it running Linux.

From the HP website I got a compressed file called sp30515.exe. The file is self-decompressing when it is run, but in this case I couldn't simply extract the files using a compression tool.

I used wine to extract the files like this:

$ wine sp30515.exe

Once the files was extracted I found the image file containing the actual BIOS upgrade. The file was named rom.img

Now all I had to do was to write the image file unto a floppy disk, and this can easily be achieved in any Linux or BSD using the dd command:

$ dd if=rom.img of=/dev/fd0

And that was it.