23.06.2017Real full disk encryption using GRUB on Debian GNU/Linux for BIOS
30.05.2017Real full disk encryption using GRUB on Arch Linux for BIOS
14.11.2016How to split your DNS requests when using a VPN
17.12.2014Keeping your $HOME in Git, the right way
04.02.2013Be careful when using docking stations
15.12.2012An alternative way to play YouTube videos without using Flash
18.01.2012How to set your hostname and domain name correctly
18.01.2012How to Create a New and Empty Branch in Git
18.01.2012GnuPG Tutorial
Updated: 26.07.2016
17.03.2011Enforce strong passwords in Debian
01.02.2011Unloading of modules at boot time in Debian
09.10.2010Git bare vs. non-bare repositories
07.09.2010What does GRUB see?
19.01.2010Windows XP nv4_disp infinite loop problem
12.01.2010umount: device is busy
12.01.2010What package does that file belong to?
07.01.2010Simple CHM to PDF conversion on Linux
15.12.2009Resume SFTP transfer with rsync
20.10.2009Localized version in the console? No thanks!
15.10.2009How to convert a man page into PS, PDF or DVI
14.10.2009Mercurial branching, main and stable, a possible workflow
15.09.2009PHP include path problems
04.08.2009Mount an OpenBSD slice from Linux
01.08.2009Mozilla Firefox Keywords Shortcuts
01.08.2009Finding and removing dublicate files with fdupes
01.04.2009Encrypting and decrypting files using GnuPG, OpenSSL or Mcrypt
15.03.2009Keeping you system time precise using NTP
15.03.2009Cache your DNS requests using Bind
15.03.2009Remove -- MARK -- from the message log
15.03.2009CD or DVD Boot problems on MAC
14.03.2009Resume SFTP transfer with PuTTY
02.11.2008Using EncFS to encrypt some of your files
30.10.2008Choosing a new backup solution, Duplicity, rdiff-backup or Rsnapshot
12.08.2008Speed down your CPU
26.12.2007Pointers in C
22.08.2007Wrong default charset on the Apache webserver
04.04.2007Tor på Debian GNU/Linux
01.04.2007Nvidia til Debian testing
13.01.2007Hvem lytter på mine porte
29.12.2006fstat på FreeBSD
25.12.2006Brugen af PACKAGESITE og PACKAGEROOT på FreeBSD
24.12.2006Glemt eller mistet root password på FreeBSD eller OpenBSD
24.12.2006Tor på FreeBSD
24.11.2006Forkert root shell på FreeBSD
08.07.2006Upgrading BIOS on an old HP nx9005 without Dos or Windows
08.07.2006Nvidia driver til FreeBSD
08.07.2006unlpt0 Permission denied på FreeBSD
29.06.2006MySQLd på OpenBSD
22.05.2006diff og patch
20.05.2006Netkort opsætning i OpenBSD, FreeBSD og NetBSD
18.05.2006Mounting af SMB Windows shares på BSD