15.10.2017The typical discussions about BSD vs Linux
19.12.2016No your PHP framework isn't MVC, but don't worry, it really shouldn't be!
23.07.2016Systemd - your new Linux distribution
02.01.2016Programming languages and programming paradigms
20.12.2015Bummer PHP
10.12.2015Composer and Packagist - a bad implementation!
10.11.2015To framework or not to framework?
01.11.2015No your API isn't REST, but don't worry, it really shouldn't be!
15.03.2015Design Patterns Can Be Very Evil
28.02.2015Procedural Programming vs Object Oriented Programming
01.01.2015Web application with a single entry point
18.09.2014When the operating system gets in the way
16.10.2013Some notes on Arch Linux - 2
23.04.2013PSR-0 is not a solution it is a bypass!
17.04.2013Most PHP Frameworks are not for programmers
26.03.2013When templates gets in the way
10.02.2012Pas på Google Chrome browseren
17.12.2010Benchmark 4 - Notes About Caching and Benchmarking
16.12.2010Benchmark 3 - The Alternative PHP Cache (APC)
15.12.2010Benchmark 2 - MySQL Cache
14.12.2010Benchmark 1 - Dynamic pages vs. static pages vs. Memcached
18.11.2010Social Networking Sucks
17.11.2010Ud med Google og ind med DuckDuckGo
05.11.2010The Book: Pro PHP Refactoring
21.10.2010Documentation is good right? Well, not if there is too much of it
21.10.2010Code Navigation, Design Patterns, and Too Many Functions
21.10.2009Passwords from the hackers point of view
12.10.2009Some personal notes on revision control and backup
17.08.2009Some notes on Arch Linux
13.08.2009Why I do not like derived Linux distributions
28.11.2008PHP Security
04.11.2008Open Source Web Forums
03.11.2008Ubuntu as in Debian?
25.12.2007Programming in C, C++, and Ada
14.12.2007Choosing a good book on programming
23.11.2007Bruger du XHTML, gør du det nok forkert!
17.11.2007Revision control
15.11.2007Effektiv fejlfinding
01.04.2007Debian GNU/Linux vs. FreeBSD som desktop
01.04.2007De typiske webdesign fejl - stadig relevant i 2015
23.05.2005BSD current, release, stable og security
05.11.2004Misforståelser omkring webstandarder
10.10.2004Dynamiske sider kontra statiske sider
16.09.2004Behovet for web design standarder
23.08.2004OpenBSD verdens sikreste operativ system
21.08.2004Introduktion til XForms
21.08.2004Introduktion til XHTML
21.08.2004Introduktion til CSS
20.08.2004Introduktion til XSL
20.08.2004Introduktion til XML
09.08.2004Introduktion til RSS og Atom